Thursday, August 8, 2013

Easy Peasy DIY: Gift Tags

Are you ready for the easiest DIY?  If you're like me, there are many reasons to celebrate others during the summer, leaving me with a need for gift packaging.  If I'm not using a card from my stash, I will usually quickly make a gift tag to coordinate with said gift packaging - whether it be attached to a package, tied with a ribbon to a gift bag, or helping to seal cellophane treat bags.

Depending on what crafting supplies you have on hand, there are countless different versions of what you can create.  However, all tags will need the basics:

01   Tag punch - either traditional or circle.  Pick your favorite crafting store, and they will have a variety in stock.
02   Single hole punch (small) - My recommendation is the 1/16th inch punch; it fits the scale of the tag punch.
03   Patterned paper or card stock - I like to recycle pretty paper and use it for this purpose.  The paper pictured above is primarily from an old Paper Source desk calendar, but I've also used the front of greeting cards (non-photo holiday cards work well, too).  Just remember that one side should be blank, for you to write a brief message.
04   Ribbon or twine to attach the tag to your gift - the thinner, the better.

To make, line the paper up with the punch so that the desired design of the paper is what will be punched out, like so:

Not pictured: use the small single hole punch to punch a hole a couple centimeters below the top of your tag.  String about 4-6 inches of ribbon or twine through this hole, and knot the ends.  Alternately, tie your tag directly to the gift or package using a longer piece of ribbon or twine.

These are seriously simple to make, and can be made in large quantities.  In fact, my girlfriends and I made a bunch of holiday paper gift tags during one of our original craft days.  Pick an assortment, package them up, and give them away to the paper lovers in your life!

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