Friday, July 5, 2013

Summer Bucket List: Grill

Happy July 5th!  I am happy to announce that over the holiday, I marked something off of my summer bucket list - I used my new mini grill.  I know, I know - it seems like a pretty simple thing to mark off, but I've had this grill for a couple months now, and we {my husband} just took it out of the box yesterday.  Now that we've gotten through the first use successfully, I'm looking forward to more grilled meals.  I've already bookmarked a couple recipes.

To celebrate the fourth, we had our first summer barbecue with friends.  On the menu were some new recipes and some store-bought supplements:

+ Assorted grilled chicken sausages from Whole Foods
+ Panzanella salad using this recipe
+ Reser's Original Potato Salad
+ Chocolate chunk blondies using this recipe

My friends Melissa and Regina were also sweet enough to bring over chocolate chip cookies (with kettle chips as a secret ingredient!), pretty skewered fruit salad, and agua fresca.  It was all so delicious and festive, and came together so well.  We stuffed ourselves and finished just in time to catch the local fireworks show.

Hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day!

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