Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weekend Notes: Hair Tie DIY

Have you seen those cute "alternative" elastic hair ties at places like Anthropologie and J.Crew?  It seems like they are popping up everywhere recently, including the check-in counter at my local yoga studio.  Lucky for me, Regina arranged for a May Craft Day Part II: Hair Ties.  She found a great source online to buy the materials, and they couldn't be simpler to make.

01 Buy your materials - You can use this site to purchase the elastic.  Since the pricing is so reasonable (seriously, $.50 a yard?), experiment by choosing different colors and styles.  We stuck with basicsneon, and frosted glitter, but these prints would have been fun, too.

02 Cut your elastic - Since you buy by the yard, you will need to cut the elastic into shorter strips.  We used 9-inch strips (which makes four hair ties per yard), but you'll want to consider how tight that will be on your wrist, if you choose to wear the hair ties that way.  Make sure to test a couple using the next steps before you cut all of your elastic, to find what you like best.  We noticed that the store-bought hair ties seem to be longer than 9-inch strips, since they have a longer edge off of the knotted side.  We also noticed (too late) that the frosted glitter elastic was not as stretchy as the regular elastic.

03 Fold and knot - with the "right" side (e.g., patterned or frosted glitter side) facing outwards, fold the strip in half.  Tie an overhand knot close to the cut ends, stretching the knot as you go to make sure it is secure.

04 Wear and enjoy!  These make great gifts, and can be made into headbands following the same steps as above, but using longer strips of elastic.


  1. Love this Post! Am definitely going to try to find time to make the girls some hair ties/headbands. I already checked out the website you shared and found some bows and flowers I can use for the headbands. Will let you know how it goes...

    1. That's great! I can help you make some over Memorial Day :)

  2. Hi! Such a small world. Thanks for stopping by Pursuit of Shoes.

    Love this idea - talk about so easy!!! Makes you wonder how anthro is selling them for so much $$. :)


    Pursuit of Shoes


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