Monday, May 6, 2013

May Craft Day: Lavender Tea Sachets

Whew - what a weekend!  From crafting events to tea with my in-laws, I had quite the eventful weekend.  Luckily, my friend Regina is guest blogging for me today, for the very first time.  She hosted May craft day, where we made some adorable lavender tea sachet party favors that could double as a last-minute Mother's Day gift!

When Cristina started Casa de Hermann, I was excited for both her and me.  We spend a lot of time crafting together and sharing ideas, and a blog is a great way to memorialize these activities.  Casa de Hermann even inspired me to want to start my own blog, but then I realized I am more suited in the role of blog cheerleader and fan, putting my effort towards simply appreciating the hard work it takes to actually maintain a blog.

However, Cristina thought of a way for me to "get my blog fix," while also giving her a day off: being an occasional guest blogger on Casa de Hermann.  I feel like a little kid getting to share something at "show and tell"!

Cristina is my favorite crafting friend, so I was very happy she was able to help me out with my big weekend crafting project!  My mom's 65th birthday is coming up.  To celebrate, we are having a ladies' tea at a cute little tea room near my parents' home.  I was looking for favor ideas and came across these lavender tea bag sachets.  They take a little bit of time, but I think they turned out so cute.

What you need
This tea bag template
Contrasting colored embroidery floss (splitting in half and using 3 strands of the 6 at a time)
Embroidery needle
Dried Lavender

We took a couple of short cuts from the original idea, such as using a simple heart tag (which we just hot glued to the ribbon) for each sachet.  I have never embroidered anything before, so my interpretation of how to stitch the actual tea bag was as follows:

Use a hand-sewn running stitch around the bag, leaving a small hole to fill the lavender.  A running stitch is a basic stitch - just thread the needle in and out as you move along the edge of the felt.  Once you reach the end of one direction, go back the other way, doing another running stitch to fill in the gaps.  Leave excess embroidery floss to close up the hole after filling the sachet with lavender.

They look and smell terrific.  Thanks for the big help, Cristina!


  1. hello!! your blog is amazing. and i love these sachets! what a sweet idea. let's keep in touch. send me your email at xx


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