Thursday, April 11, 2013

Herb Garden 2.0

Last summer, with a new found enthusiasm for cooking and inspiration from other blogs, I decided to plant my own herb garden.  Since I was just starting out, I took a guess on the herbs and planted cilantro, parsley, and oregano.  What I found is that cilantro is surprisingly high maintenance (you need to trim frequently and watch it to make sure it doesn't bolt, otherwise it affects the flavor), I mostly used parsley as a garnish (and was always trying to pawn off my extra), and I never used the oregano.  Nope, not even once.

This past weekend, I made time to replant my herb garden.  In doing so, I had a chance to reflect on what worked and what didn't work from my previous "crop."  First of all, my space - I chose this affordable planter box in galvanized steel as a home for my garden last year and definitely wanted to keep it again this year.  We're limited on space in our apartment and don't have a yard, so the best and only place for the herb garden (in plain view) is at the top of the shared outdoor stairwell that leads up to our apartment.  This planter box works perfectly, and allows me to check in on my garden as I come and go.

Next up, my herbs - I decided to replace them all together and ended up choosing basil, thyme, and mint.  Similar to last year, I decided not to grow the herbs from seed, and instead bought them ready to go from my local garden shop.  I am already thinking ahead to all of the great summer salads and refreshing drinks that we'll enjoy, having these herbs on hand.  Mojito's, anyone?

And last but not least - a simple craft.  In a few easy, breezy steps, I spray painted popsicle sticks with chalkboard paint and then labeled them using a chalk marker to create signs for my garden.  I found that I preferred the look of the marker over regular chalk for the smooth, consistent lines it helps create.

{chalkboard spray paint - home depot // chalk pen - michaels (wedding section) //
 popsicle  sticks - michaels}
After adding it all together - voila! My herb garden is {re}born.

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