Sunday, March 24, 2013

March Craft Day: Color Me Mine

A couple years ago, some of my girlfriends and I decided to start a monthly craft day as one of our New Year's resolutions.  Our loose interpretation of Craft Day allowed us to try a range of activities, from learning to sew, to taking a yoga class for the first time.  There may have even been a girl's spa day in the mix.  All in all, we've carried forward some of the skills that we learned, but hadn't done as well in carrying forward our resolution...

Until this year!  We are bringing back Craft Day for 2013.  For those of you that may be looking to start your own version, what we found was that Craft Day really works better if you have a designated activity.  We also found that having Craft Day once a month was too frequent for us, so instead, we are going to aim for a once every-other-month Craft Day.

For the first Craft Day of 2013, we each bought a Groupon to a local Color Me Mine.  While I've walked by Color Me Mine dozens of times, I had never actually been inside.  The same was true for my friends.  Once we were there, we were greeted with seemingly endless possibilities:

The whole studio is filled with racks of unpainted ceramics in a variety of genres - fun for kids (think piggy banks, giant dinosaurs, and assorted figurines), kitchen, bathroom, decorative, garden, etc.  Also, the studio provides everything you need for your project - brushes, paint, stencils, and other tools - and the studio associates come by frequently to restock supplies in your designated area.  Not knowing what to expect going in, we each had an idea of what we wanted to paint, which we found extremely helpful when perusing the studio shelves.  I ended up picking a 3-part server, which I had previously seen here.  I decided to keep it simple with only using two colors, but chose one of Color Me Mine's special "spotty" paints for the outside color.  We stayed at the studio for a few leisurely hours, chatting and painting, until we were all done with our projects.  Color Me Mine requires a five day turnaround time after painting in order to fire each piece in the kiln, so I left my project looking like this...

...and picked it up looking like this:

Ha!  I know my server is a bit "unique", but I am looking forward to proudly putting it to good use in the future.

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